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Missing toddler found hours later in forest away from home

Missing toddler found hours later in forest away from home

Oct 12, 2018 11:38:35 PM (IST)

Missing toddler found hours later in forest away from home-1

Karkala: A toddler, mysteriously went missing on his birthday, only to be found mere hours later, about 200 metres away from his house. The incident occurred on Thursday, October 11 evening near Kakkepadavu in Nandalike Golikatte.

Reportedly, the 3-year-old boy, Prashwik, was playing in the yard outside his house when he suddenly went missing. When the boy's family members realised that he had gone missing, they immediately raised an alarm and his parents, Prashanthi and Raghu began to frantically search for him, along with the others.

In the meanwhile, rumours began to spread on social media, that he was kidnapped, thereby causing a tense situation in the locality.

Unable to find their child, the parents approached the Karkala Rural Police and reported about their missing child.

Acting quickly, the police began a search operation and contacted other police stations to pass on the information about the missing boy. The police were joined by local youngsters in their search for the missing toddler, who was finally found in the nearby forest. The child's loud cries led his rescuers to him, 200 metres away from his home.

While the child's parents were relieved at the safe return of their child, his uncle has raised suspicions as to how the child ventured so far out into the forest as he had never left the premises before.