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"Panchatantra" to be remade in Telugu and Hindi?

"Panchatantra" to be remade in Telugu and Hindi?

Oct 12, 2018 01:24:50 PM (IST)

\"Panchatantra\" to be remade in Telugu and Hindi?-1Rumours have been doing the rounds in Gandhinagar, the headquarters of Sandalwood, that Yograj Bhat's yet-to-be-released film, "Panchatantra", a rom-com starring Vihan, Sonal Monteiro and Akshara Gowda, will be remade in Hindi and Telugu. It is also being said that big production houses from the Telugu and Hindi film industries are in touch with Yogaraj Bhat. Reportedly, the Telugu producers have almost finalised the deal and it is just a matter of time before the agreement is signed. Details about the deal will be revealed later.

A few rounds of discussion have also been done with the production house in Mumbai that is keen on remaking the film in Hindi and a few terms and conditions are currently being negotiated. It is also being said that Yograj Bhat will be directing both the Hindi and Telugu versions. Local talents of the industry will be roped in for the film.

As of now, it is not known if these are all just rumours or if this is just a marketing gimmick. It is nothing new that Yograj Bhat's films are being made in other languages. His cult classic "Mungaaru Male" has been remade in Telugu and Bengali in the past.