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"Naduve Antaravirali" is a surprise hit of the year

"Naduve Antaravirali" is a surprise hit of the year

Vedant   ¦    Oct 15, 2018 02:14:29 PM (IST)

\"Naduve Antaravirali\" is a surprise hit of the year-1The film, "Naduve Antaravirali" was released on October 5 without much expectations riding on it. Starring Aishani Shetty and newcomer Prakyath, the film made headlines due to its song "Shakuntala". Upon release, the film was met with a good response but garnered a low opening due to inadequate promotion efforts.

However, it looks good content has made work easy for the makers, as the film is picking up day-after-day. Celebrities are also supporting the film, giving the marketing a huge boost. Daali Dhananjaya watched the film and showered praises on director Raveen Kumaara and the actors. Ninasam Sathish, Shanvi Srivatsav and Rachita Ram also watched the film.

Karnataka State minister DK Shivakumar and his brother MP DK Suresh watched the film together and were so impressed that they came back for a second viewing with their entire family.

To match the demand, the film has been released in an additional 20 theatres. An increase in theatres in the second week is a rare occurrence these days since it is only the first weekend's collection that matters.