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Special illumination, a big draw in the ongoing Dasara

Special illumination, a big draw in the ongoing Dasara

U K   ¦    Oct 14, 2018 04:12:02 PM (IST)

Special illumination, a big draw in the ongoing Dasara-1

Mysuru: The special illuminations in the city are a big draw this Dasara season. The CESC authorities' innovative ideas have paid off as the illumination of the city junctions and roads has caught the imagination of the visitors. Nearly 50 km of the city roads are illuminated, which is 30 km more when compared to last year.

The illumination is so attractive that already one can see traffic jam in many thoroughfares of the city due to which traffic cops have been put to test. From the time the special illumination was inaugurated by Chief Minister H D Kumaraswamy on October 10, it has become a raging attraction.

Speaking to Newskarnataka, H S Swamy, Executive Engineer, CESCOM said, “With direction from our managing director, the work on the special Dasara illumination started nearly two months ago. We downloaded few attractive photographs and videos and started to work on the various concepts. Though we had come out with attractive illuminations earlier as well, we had a problem in investment. However, this year the government supported us to go ahead with the grand illumination. Last year, the government had sanctioned Rs 1.75 Crore. This year Rs 3 Crore have been sanctioned which helped us execute innovative ideas and install attractive lights. Last year we had illuminated nearly 20 kms area but this year we have done it upto more than 50 kms. The work has been entrusted to 41 different contractors which enabled us to do the arrangement much faster.”

“This year, apart from extending the lights to few areas which includes areas like V V Mohalla, Vontikioppal, Hunsur road, Paduvaralli, Temple road, Kalidasa road and all strategic points around Chamundi Hill road, for the first time we have also illuminated areas which include Siddartha Layout, new DC office, Mahadevapura road and Gun House new road. The illumination on Ashoka road where the Dasara procession initially started is done with more grandeur this year. Apart from tourists, CM Kumaraswamy also commended the lighting”, added H S Swamy.

Warm white (looks like yellow) and clear white are more used
“We have given more preference to warm white and clear white coloured lights which are more attractive when compared to other colors. Apart from these two colours, we have also used others which include red, blue and pink.

Sahana, after seeing the special Dasara illumination, said, “It’s really too good and attractive illumination this year. When compared to last year, this year the lights looks more innovative.”