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Coalition govt very keen on promoting sports: CM Kumaraswamy

Coalition govt very keen on promoting sports: CM Kumaraswamy

U K   ¦    Oct 11, 2018 03:30:58 PM (IST)

Coalition govt very keen on promoting sports: CM Kumaraswamy-1Mysuru: "The coalition government is very much interested in promoting sports and talented sports persons in the state. With the inauguration of Dasara sports we will start s programme to hunt talents in rural areas, said Chief Minister H D Kumaraswamy.

Speaking during the state level Dasara sports inauguration, Chief Minister Kumaraswamy announced that all sorts of encouragement would be given to improving sports and groom talents in the state. “For the first time, the coalition government which is very much interested in promoting sports sanctioned Rs 7 Crore for the state level Dasara sports meet which includes Rs 1 Crore exclusively for cash prizes”, added Kumaraswamy. He also mentioned that international athlete Poovamma is an inspiration for all the participants who have come across the state.

“Just education or getting a degree will not serve the purpose. Along with education one should also involve in sports to keep themselves physically and mentally fit”, said Kumaraswamy. When Kumaraswamy said that the government had given all the facilities including shoes for this event, the participants who had not received them raised their voice against the same. Immediately the chief minister said that they had taken a decision to provide shoes which would be distributed in a few days' time.

Poovamma lauds improved facilities and encouragement

Poovamma, speaking after inaugurating the sports meet where more than 4500 participants from across the state are taking part called upon the participants not to lose their heart if they don't win in the competition. Se said instead they should participate optimistically and overcome their mistakes by taking up practice seriously. She also mentioned that failure is a stepping stone to success.

“Over the years the government has started providing good facilities to sports persons but still there is scope to improve and identify rural talents. There is an abundance of talent in rural areas but due to lack of money and platform they are not getting identified. Such talents need to be picked and groomed.”

'Cash prize will encourage sports persons'

“From this year, due to recognition from KOA, the cash prize has been enhanced for the prize winners. This move will really encourage sports persons to do their best", said Poovamma.

“I am on a one-month break and will be joining camp on October 20 for Asian and World championships which will be held in Doha”, said Poovamma. The seven-day state level Dasara sports which was kick-started on Wednesday, October 10 will go on till October 16.

District In-charge Minister G T Devegowda, Tourism Minister S R Mahesh and K Govindaraj, President, KOA were also present. On the occasion the chief minister also felicitated Poovamma.