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Kodagu will be made best place to live in: Major Bidanda Nanjappa

Kodagu will be made best place to live in: Major Bidanda Nanjappa

CI   ¦    Oct 12, 2018 08:31:23 PM (IST)

Kodagu will be made best place to live in: Major Bidanda Nanjappa-1

Madikeri: "The victims who have lost their land due to floods are requested not to vacate Kodagu which is as precious as a pearl to the people here. We'll shape your life and be with you to support you", said the Secretary of Field Marshal K M Cariappa and General Thimayya Forum, Major Bidanda Nanjappa, here on Friday, October 12.

Participating in a solar lamp distribution programme for the victims by Schneider Electric company, Major Nanjappa said, "Due to heavy rainfall, landslides and floods, plenty of farmers have lost their agricultural land. The land has now become infertile. Worried due to this, people are planning to leave their hometown, which must not happen."

He guided them saying, "Do not sell your land out of fear."

"Some people are taking the advantage of the situation by convincing the residents to sell their lands at a cost of Rs 20 to 30 lakh per acre. They are creating a misapprehension that the land will not be able to yield anything in future", lamented Major Nanjappa.

"Do not get entrapped and fooled by such offers and sell your precious land. Seven regions of the district and its people are facing trouble due to the worst natural disaster here so far. We will help them in rejuvenating and sustain", he added.

He said that all necessary arrangements were underway to make the region worth living.

Army training

Major Nanjappa said, "Currently, facilitating the process of joining the armed forces is already being done. Through the support of Madikeri Kodava Society, a weekly training is conducted. Around 50 children are part of the training."

"To find a financial stability, the forum has made attempts to collaborate with the government and help the victims take up apiculture and cattle farming. Along with this, in one of the flood-affected areas, we are planning to open a honey harvesting centre", he added.

Officer of the forum, U M Poovaiah said, "In order to provide necessary relief to the flood victims, Bengaluru's Kodagu Relief Armour of Care, Brahmagiri Weekly, Coorg Wellness Foundation, Kaveri Sene and Schneider Electric are collaborating."

Jayachand of Schneider Electric company said, "The company is always into social work and it's been helping people. As a part of the social concern, we are distributing solar lamps to the flood victims of Kodagu."

Around 150 solar lamps were distributed during the programme.

"Till now we have distributed more than 800 solar lamps to the flood victims", said Major Bidanda Nanjappa.

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Kodagu will be made best place to live in: Major Bidanda Nanjappa