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World to experience internet breakdown in the next 48 hours?

World to experience internet breakdown in the next 48 hours?

SC L S   ¦    Oct 12, 2018 11:12:56 PM (IST)

World to experience internet breakdown in the next 48 hours?-1

Can you imagine a world without the internet? Internet which has become an integral part of one's life has created such a situation, where it becomes impossible to think of social networking, business, entertainment and so on. The list of importance of internet can be stretched to eternity, but what if it shuts down?

This is going to be the situation in the next 48 hours, apparently. One of the leading international TV networks headed by a foreign government (name not mentioned) has reported that the internet users around the globe are said to experience a network failure, as the DNS (Domain Name Servers) is likely to be subjected for a maintenance and updation.

It is expected that during this period the network infrastructure will go off.

ICANN (The Internet Corporation of Assigned Names and Numbers), a non-profit organisation which is responsible for the maintenance of databases globally, will be carrying out its maintenance. The maintenance work is to change the cryptographic key that helps in protecting the internet address (domain name) or DNS (Domain Name System).

According to the ICANN, the maintenance is launched to counter the rising incidents of cyber crime and attacks.

The Communications Regulatory Authority (CRA), has said that the internet shutdown globally has become necessary to ensure a secure, stable and threat resistant DNS.

As a clarification, CRA has said, "Some of the internet users who have not made themselves prepared for this change, such operators and ISP's (Internet Service Provider) will be affected."

Providing an alternative to avoid any effect, it has said that this can be avoided by enabling appropriate system security extensions.

Courtesy: News18