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Not rape. It's a Mutual Thing: Bigg Boss' Shilpa Shinde on #MeToo

Not rape. It's a Mutual Thing: Bigg Boss' Shilpa Shinde on #MeToo

SC AN   ¦    Oct 13, 2018 06:16:02 PM (IST)

Not rape. It\'s a Mutual Thing: Bigg Boss\' Shilpa Shinde on #MeToo-1Mumbai: The #MeToo movement has been gaining a lot of momentum over the past few days and no industry has been as affected as the Bollywood. In some cases, the movement has also caused interruptions in some movie productions.

Swimming against the current, however, is Bigg Boss Season 11 winner Shilpa Shinde, who, during an interview, claimed that there is no rape and that what happens in the industry is mutual. "It's rubbish. You have to take a call that time only, it’s simple. You should speak about that matter that time only. Even I got a lesson. Jab hota hai, tabhi bolo. Baad mein bolne ka koi faayeda nahi. It’s useless," said the TV star.

Shilpa Shinde, who had accused Sanjay Kohli, the producer of "Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hai" of sexual harassment last year, said that something should be said and done at the time of the incident and not years later, as no one would listen to the complainant and only controversies will be created.

Initially refusing to talk about the movement, she said that "Nothing will be changed. It will go on and on."

Then, defending the industry, she said, "I don't know why they are spoiling our industry's name. People are now talking about our industry–ki aisa hota hai, waisa hota hai. This industry is not bad and it’s not very good either. Everywhere these things happen. I don’t know why everyone is spoiling the industry’s reputation. So those who are working and they got work-sab hi log kharaab hai? Aisa nahi hai. It totally depends on you. (it all depends on how people react to situations). It’s totally a give and take policy. Women are speaking now but at that time also I said that there’s no rape in this industry-zabardasti nahi hota hai (it’s not forced). Whatever has happened in our industry, it’s with mutual understanding. It’s a mutual thing. If you are not ready to do that, just leave that thing.”