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Khushboo defends Ravichandran amidst "#MeToo" controversy

Khushboo defends Ravichandran amidst "#MeToo" controversy

Oct 15, 2018 05:26:12 PM (IST)

Khushboo defends Ravichandran amidst \"#MeToo\" controversy-1Mumbai: The #MeToo controversy has taken the whole Indian film industry by storm. Several popular Bollywood personalities have been accused of sexually harassing women. As a result of this, two Bollywood films' productions, namely Houseful 4 and Mogul, have been stalled.

The #MeToo movement has now spread down South to Sandalwood as well. Popular musician Raghu Dixit was recently accused of harassing a female singer.

Now, even Crazy Star Ravichandran's name has been mentioned by a Twitter in the wake of the #MeToo movement in Sandalwood.

When actress-turned-politician Khushboo remarked that she has never been harassed by anyone in her four-decade career, a Twitter user calling herself Lakshmi replied, "I don't think so ... I think u may face Actor Ravichandran he doesn't scare anyone at all as u can guess how he was.. (sic)" The comment was meant to suggest that Ravichandran was a kind of person who harasses women.

Khushboo hit out at the user saying, "If my mother is alive today, it is because of V. Ravichandran and his great father Late N Veeraswamy.. ‘he spares no one’ should be counted as he has always been a silent philanthropist and a wonderful soul who has been a true friend to many out never speak ill of him."

Khusboo has been a close friend of Ravichandran for the last two decades. She made her Sandalwood debut in "Ranadheera" opposite Ravichandran. She was later seen in his films like "Anjada Gandu", "Shanti Kranti" as well as "Yugapurusha".