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RaGa approves proposal for cabinet expansion

RaGa approves proposal for cabinet expansion

Shrivibhavana   ¦    Oct 14, 2018 01:53:34 PM (IST)

RaGa approves proposal for cabinet expansion-1Bengaluru: All India Congress Committee (AICC) president Rahul Gandhi has approved the proposal for the state's cabinet expansion, which has now been scheduled after November 3.

According to sources in the Chief Minister's Office (CMO), at the time of his meeting with the Congress supremo, CM HD Kumaraswamy furnished details of the cabinet expansion. The proposal was approved by Gandhi, who also suggested that the CM HDK take up the process after November 3.

The by-polls for two Assembly constituencies and three Lok Sabha seats has been scheduled for November 3., results of the same will be announced on November 6.

"Both the Congress and JD(S) will direct their ministerial aspirants to work for the parties' victory in the upcoming by-polls and have promised ministerships as a reward for their hard work," said sources.