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I too had faced #MeToo moments: Sangeetha Bhat

I too had faced #MeToo moments: Sangeetha Bhat

Oct 15, 2018 10:56:10 AM (IST)

I too had faced #MeToo moments: Sangeetha Bhat-1Bengaluru: Kannada, Tamil and Telugu actress Sangeetha Bhat, who worked in Dayavittu Gamanisi, Preethi Giti Ityadi, Eradane Sala and Mamu Tea Angadi, has joined the #MeToo movement, officially strengthening the wave in the South. She has alleged that, in the last 10 years, she has also faced several #MeToo moments in Sandalwood.

Bhat, in a three-page letter, said that she had quit the Sandalwood film industry a few months ago and went into detail about how she entered the film industry and how she was sexually harassed while in it. She explained that she had entered the film industry when she was only 15-years-old due to her family's financial struggles. She spoke about how she lost her father when she was just 10 years old and how she joined the film industry in order to support her family.

She also mentioned several instances where film producers, directors, actors, and even a woman hairstylist, misbehaved with her.

Her Facebook post, to which the letter is attached, reads, "Hello everyone....i have been wanting to share with you all from a few months,...that i am no longer in the film industry (for good) been undergoing a lot of trauma since the time i stepped foot in this industry...many told me not to share my story but i didn't want my struggle,my pain to go unnoticed, I request you all to read the attached post's being human and not by judging or assuming different stories.I have tried my best to put my story in a summary of three pages(which was a challenge). These posts are not posted to attain any attention from media etc...These are my experiences which haunts me every minute of my life..i have gathered too much courage to write this,which i know,comes with a lot of risk... please read page 1,2,3 to know more...#metoo #mybadexperiences. (sic)"